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Rxseboy - Memory MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

[verse 1 ~ rxseboy]
you've been stuck in my head and girl i really wanna talk now
chill at your place but everyday you would walk out
kept cool can we calm down anger in phase, i been in face with your palm
i don't know what to do and it's late and i'm tired
and you're on my mind take a hit to feel higher
text you again when i'm feeling inspired
i've recognized i'm reigniting the fire
ay, what you want to do with me
i heard you telling everyone that you cool with me
but like you never text back
every night relapse on the pain but you never let your parents see that
now you stuck in a cycle of f~ck ups and jealousy
in my last week hit me up just to yell at me
wow, think of the times you were hesitant
thoughts about me hope you know that they're indefinite

[verse 2 ~ sadboyprolific]
for anybody that's wondering what my mind is
that sh~ts just solitary confinement
open minded where my minds been lost
and i'm just trying to find it
yeah we're magnets just trying to manage attraction
damage and shattered to fragments
love like a spiral i'm just trying to catch it
but i guess i suck and i just need some practice
and i'm wishing i could rip you out of my head like my hair
if i was dead would you even care
if i had a funeral would you be there
sometimes i wonder what colors you wear
would you move on and tell yourself that you're strong
while you let me fade as i'm dead and i'm gone
or you hold it down 'til you meet me in god
or love someone else and leave me to be lost
i thought for life meant for life until i'ma remarry three times
i never sought through the lines
growing up i thought that life would be fine
now i'm just watching as everything dies

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