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Rxseboy - I Trust U MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

i can't change the past
so why'd i bring it up
now i'm thinking about it everytime i think of trust

lotta blues since i've been icing
people want to take advantage of all of my kindness
now i gotta write this

tears down the cheek from my eyelids
you have a bright life and it's blinding
i tried to help you

you've been so misguided
by guys who don't care about the state that your minds in

tell me every single lie
tell me that you wanna fly
tell me everything

that when you see me you decide to hide
i just wanna break the fragile walls you try to hide behind
i open up and told the whole story behind my disguise

i know you're one of one
nothing like the other ones
things will get difficult but i won't call it cumbersome

i ain't tryna' lecture
i'm reinforcing concepts
come and be my bestfriend, trust in the process

‘lotta d~mn “i don't knows”
now i don't know
if you wanna take it slow

i made it home
so imma hit you up on a facetime
you could fall asleep while i'm singing on a baseline

your waistline is so cute
i waste time
tryna' make time just for you

talk of hearts
and if you break mine
that ain't new

i say i trust you
'cause deep down i know that i do
and honestly

i think i might be falling into a mood
warm feelings but my mind is somewhere stuck on the moon
bring me back with a kiss on my cheek

you're the summit on the peak
you're the runner steady chasing every goal
as we speak

i like that
i like energy
never codependency

wanna build you up
like skyscr~pers in the heavens

be what you see in your dreams
that's the only key to acheiving the peace
you can really see everything you wanna see

maybe we could take a train to a place by the sea
maybe stay on the beach
while we lay under trees

sand playing with the breeze
water up to our knees
heading back to the place

full of grace
taking all the makeup off your face
really like a nap

finally get the come down
bouta lose balance for your love
imma fall straight down

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