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Roddy Ricch - Pain Away MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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[intro: meek mill]
yeah, woo

[verse 1: meek mill]
we was in the trenches, tryna get it out the mud
lookin' up to k!llers, tryna figure who i was
solo, rich reporter, i just want to feel the love
i feel like a crip 'cause i can't even trust my blood
loyalty, (you know what loyalty is?), i say, “spoil me”
you ain't my dawg, you fallen out of my no lawyer fee (no lawyer fee)
you had a brick and i ain't even have a quarter key
you've never seen my hand out, i knew it was more to me
it's more than us to see our suns and all our daughters eat
'cause i got cops tryna lock me, opps tryna slaughter me
but i stay prayed up, lord and all these k's up
'cause i ain't get advice from all those nights back when i stayed up
don't hit me about no show, if you ain't came to set the stage up
we got bodies, throw a thousand shots, they barely grazed us
and i can't let 'em make my grave up

[chorus: meek mill]
i just hope this money take the pain away
and i've been tryna save my money for a rainy day
but i just bought the rolls truck to take the pain away
and all these diamonds give me confidence
don't judge my pain if you don't know this sh-t that i'm against

[verse 2: roddy ricch]
hey, it's free my dawgs, free my dawgs, they gave them a thousand years
we went from public houses to standin'

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