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Roddy Ricch - Bad Bad Bad Freestyle MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

first thing first i stayed prayed up errrday (my n~gga)
cause there's young n~ggas trippin with the glizzy errrday
we was down bad in the trenches tryna get it every way
i was runnin round with the glizzy errrday
had a man down in the city broad day
seein n~ggas tryna get it off of trappin dog
broke a brick down then had to step on top
we was slidin round in the corvette no top
had to kick out shorty tried to have s~x no top
cause i got these diamonds on me she gon say okay
double r umbrellas when it rain on the way
n~gga how you make 700 thousand in 7 days
i was slidin with a bad b~tch in the kk
got the double r truck we don't do the hatch bae
why you kk
we be ridin in the scat pay
ion cap that sippin syrup like a flapjack
i'm a young rich n~gga in my city crippin
came from the projects now i'm on the jet
i made sure my shooters got a brand new tec
i shine in the hood like a brand new baguette
got n~ggas in the feds tryna call me collect
facetime only he like to see the whole tec
real speel real talk i get money i'm on my sh~t but n~ggas still talk
and i got my city on griplock
and i like my b~tches in tip top (shape)
and these n~ggas ain't real nah they fake
i know young n~ggas that still hoppin gates
remember i was rockin jc penny's like dolce
now a n~gga been gettin tired of rockin dolce
get my brand new rollie a shower and some rose
i remember i ain't even have it dog
this money turned me into a savage dog
cause sometimes i don't recognize myself
put the jewelry on just to hide my hurt
she loyal to the bone n~gga lie why to her
gotta get her new stones and put it all in a birk
if a n~gga talkin wrong put him on a shirt

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