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Riverside - New Generation Slave MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

into this world i came
filled with fear, crying all the time
i guess my birth left a great scar
on my heart and mind
now i hand-pick cotton and struggle to sing
“i am happy and i do what i like”
but my voice breaks, and i start to hate
my singing and simply everyone
mama told me be good,
work hard, and love mr. god
every sunday, i lie,
trying to realize why
ain't nothing more to say, your honor
don't look at me like that
the truth is, i am a free man,
but i can't enjoy my life

i came to a standstill
with lies and hopes inside my head
always seemed too late to turn
and too soon to understand
no, i don't have a stomachache
it's just my face

i got stuck, i ran aground
i got used to spewing bile
i wonder whether all those years
hadn't been a waste of time

so how am i doing?
oh, i can complain
smoke too many cigarettes,
but i don't care

into this world i came
filled with fear, crying all the time

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