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Rico Nasty - Tiffany Calver Freestyle MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

yeah, yeah, yeah
i came out the sky and i landed in my bag
i'm a rockstar 'cause i stay with some bands
who the f-ck is this n-gg-?
come and get your mans
pop you like a seal
pop you like a rubber band
we don't give a f-ck, n-gg-, this ain't no game
pounds in the trunk but we still switchin' lanes
don't let them gas you up 'cause, b-tch, i be the flame
diesel on my denim, only the brave
i make money every day, like, why should i save?
rico [?], like, my sh-t be great
wake up, get the cake like i be bakin'
these b-tches be fakin'
smoke like i'm jamaican
goin' crazy, i'm goin' to vegas
she said i make her go g-y, roody!
police behind me, so, b-tch, put it in your coochie
we got clips, no films or movies
i just copped be a crib out in the boonies
we sippin' [?] and you drinkin' on [?]
she like that pack raw
she said it get her in the mood
and that b-tch goin' crazy, i got a loose screw
why you keep talkin' bout that sh-t?
i rather show you, ah
we rather show you
you do what them hoes do, ah
might keep a pole or two, mhm

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