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Rico Nasty - Summers Eve Outro MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu


i'm rolling up this sticky-icky
wanna be my pretty kitty
mob for life cause i know these b-tches kinda iffy
sexual seduction but my mind is corrupted
i can't give a n-gg- love cause my heart belongs to money
honey, darling why you mad you
say i can't be trusted, well lil n-gg- i never asked you
wanna be my boyfriend, check in for me like you can
but n-gg- i'm single, you're a boy peter pan
i'm high off this earth
this the death of the purp
if you talk wild shit
f-ck around and go miss 'em like an amber alert
alert, n-gg- mayday, mayday
this n-gg- wearing fake bbc, crazy, crazy
foolish jazz n-gg-s
fufu -ss n-gg-s
put my tongue in the bullet cause i'm ruthless as n-gg-s
all i want is money, i can't f-ck with no broke b-tch
b-tch you can't smoke with me
cause my weed make her nervous
and she ain't coming home tonight or tomorrow
i can't p-ss her to the team unless she vows to swallow
these hollow tips spit like mambas
and i'll wet your -ss your -ss up like a toddler in pajamas
then i'll take your b-tch to beni-f-cking-hanas
now she all up in my room, i got her hotter than a sauna
just playing my n-gg-
i ain't g-y my n-gg- but
if she cute i might slay my n-gg-
i'm ugly as shit
but i bet your n-gg- love me, he be all on my cl-t
he be telling me he love me like i really give a f-ck
when i don't need no n-gg-, all i really need is drugs
and money, a whole lotta money
these b-tches claim they real
i'll leave 'em sleeping in a snuggie
snoring, your b-tch boring
my b-tch foreign
you a broke n-gg- which makes you unimportant
money team, we some posh -ss b-tches n-gg-
don't talk shit i swear to god you'll be missing
now i'm all up on his mouth, no ‘yonce
and he wanna put a ring on it, fiance

this the outro, this the outro
my n-gg- this the outro
this the outro, this the outro
my n-gg- this the outro

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