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Rico Nasty - Kalahdiss MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

who the f-ck is young kalah?
i see her tryna flex, dumb b-tch try harder
you shouted out (?) but we don't even claim you
i heard about your nudes, god d-mn shit is painful
bald head, scatter rack, mad cause you don't smoke no crack
she say that she a gonja god and you don't even smoke like that
you prolly break a hotbox, f-ck around and have a heart attack
why the f-ck you even mention me?
hoe you childish as f-ck, can you let me breath?
you be all up on my tit like maria, where you get that at?
b-tch don't trip just lay your stank pussy back
he tried to bang-bang the squad, no chief keef
and i was just keeping shit silent, you brought beef
you wanna say my name but in person you don't speak
b-tch if you feeling foggy go head and f-cking leap
copy cat -ss b-tches, that shit make me mad
stop bragging bout tree that you wish you had
shouts out to your edges like, where the f-ck they at?
shouts out to your skin tone with your ashy -ss
you better stay up in your lane ‘fore i make you crash
my n-gg- jordan got your nudes and said that they was some trash
oh shit the big guy ain't hear about it
he's a dyk- hoe, shawty you be wyling
i guess curiosity k!lled the cat
cause your shit been ran through like a welcome mat
you a thot, it ain't no secret
you had the audacity to go dissing me b-tch
wasn't nothing tight about your song but the beat shit
now it's done don't even once you done b-tch beat it
f-ck yes i'm yellow, p-ss complexion and all
but i can still f-ck your b-tch cause i don't got no flaws
next time you talk shit i guess i'm breaking some jaws
yous a pussy -ss b-tch, you be fighting with claws
i f-ck around and beat your -ss, no hands involved
and i don't give a f-ck cause you know that i'm off
motherf-ckers on my d-ck don't talk

alright i'm done but yeah you a b-tch armani i don't f-ck with you. i mean i f-ck with you, this is a joke. like don't take what i said serious cause i can't fight, haha

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