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Rico Nasty - Hate MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

i see the hate in your eyes (x3)

[verse 1]
serve a junkie
serve a piper
keep it clean like its some tide (and)
your b-tch g-y, i got her dyking
f-ck her on the first night, she trifling
he ain't bout it, please don't hype him
they say they real but they ain't riding
how you real but you be but you be lying
b-tch you really in disguise
make you look me in my eyes
never snitching, i'ma mime
never ducking drama time
do the bid, you did the crime
don't get in there and start crying
don't come to me and start lying
she booted up
your babygirl so high, yuhh
i think she snorting some lines, yuhh
b-tch i pull up like a diaper
all my n-gg-s keep the rifle
run up on you or they snipe ya
catch me lacking? that's unlikely
you wanna run, why you hiding?
run off on the plug just like plies did
i'm on the come up, yeah i'm rising
i always got service, verizon
my money just keep multiplying
fake b-tches i see you dividing (x2)
i see the hate in your eyes (x4)

i see the hate in your eyes
babygirl i see the hate in your eyes
i see the hate in your eyes (x2)
babygirl you see me rising
i see the hate in your eyes
stupid b-tches always lying
i see the hate in your eyes (yuhh)
yuhh, yuhh
yeah i see the hate in your eyes
b-tches always telling lies

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