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Rico Nasty - Good On The Outside MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

who is mike goin crazy!

(verse 1)
i had a show and n0body came just my family and friends
now they maxed out and you lucky if you can even get in
i used to have like 50 dollars, i adjust the money
i swear to get back on bm bro can make you insane
need to find the lemons to make lemonade
it was a rough time i could hardly get to sleep
now i can go to italy and vacay for a week
what b~tches spent on bundles, i just spent that sh~t on weed
my sh~t still on fleek
black and white stripes like a referee
i know i'm the one who they pretend to be
rock you like a lullaby, i put yo ass to sleep
make sure b~tches up the count when countin sheep
ain't n0body gonna push yo ass, you gotta leap
i'm on the rooftop out cali smokin cali reef
you see where i'm at know that's where you wanna be

i make it look good on the outside
tint so dark you can't see inside
i bet it feels good in the limelight
until the lights get way too bright
(verse 2)
if you get something (?)
because it glitters and shines

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