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Rich Brian - You Always MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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you'd be the one to end it all and now my heart is shattered
eatin' less and smoking more is how i spend the day
check on my phone for texts but i've been tryna stay away
it's hard to see that you're the same girl that i was with
startin' to think that what we had was just a f-ckin' myth
sorry if you're offended but i'm bein' honest witcha
i'm being selfish and i'm jealous lookin' at your pictures
your body's not my possession but hope you understand
i f-ckin' love you and i miss holding your little hands
kissin ya cheek you be my sweetest treasure when you blush
girl, when i'm witcha i be feeling all these types of rush
old enough to fall in love but young enough to crush
we thought everything was sweet til we're not talkin' much
it's sad that we drifted apart but it was nice enough
to know your soul and take a stroll around your heart and stuff
i hope you still remember me when life is acting up—

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