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Rex Orange County - Curfew MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

talk as if i'm ready to die
but i'm really not ready to die
i don't mind
you can tell me 'bout your day
if you wanna sit together
in silence for a number of hours
that is ok
that is fine by me
i was surprised you see
when you asked if i wanted to chill
because you used to say
you're really not a fan of awkward tension
and i can be quiet and self loathing
and have a constant need for attention
not to mention
confusing humor
i might be rude about your music taste
so, i'm sorry in advance
but the industry moves quickly
and i feel the need to keep up with names and faces
so i find new sounds on a daily basis
it's not difficult to listen on a daily basis, but
still question my existence on a daily basis
tie my shoes up on a daily basis
write my thoughts down on a daily basis
worry about life
and wonder how many days i have left on this daily basis
sixteen years in so see all you're able to see
sixteen years in because you'll never be free
and i should really get to sleep

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