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Queen - Still Burnin MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

i can't wake in the mornin'
i can't sleep at night
i got a pain in my memory
that just won't sit right
you might say i'm losing my mind
what a shame, shame, shame
but i don't want and i don't need
to play the cryin' game

music lights this flame in me
i won't let it go and it won't let me be
i'm just a happy slave and oh i can't leave it
'cause i'm still, and i always will, be a believer

still burnin' (yeah)
still yearnin' (and the wheel's)
still turnin' (let me tell you why)
we're jivin' (and the beat's)
still drivin' (and we are all)
divin' (rock'n'roll never die)

i can't breathe in the city
got dust in my lungs
i get mad in the country
everythin' seem to go wrong
you might think i'm playin' around
but my heart is true
i got reason to believe
that sweet soul magic
gonna tear my heart in two

music makes the world go round
i've been flyin' on the wings of the sound
it feels so good from way up here
i'm still a believer
headin' for the stars

(still burnin')
(still yearnin')
still turnin' (better than every guy)
(we're jivin')
(still drivin')
sky divin' (rock'n'roll never die)

don't say that you love me i can't go down that road
but don't think for a moment that my heart went cold
i keep thinkin' about what i lost
and what i might have found
i went to sleep and when i woke
everything had turned around

still burnin' (yeah)
(still yearnin')
still turnin' (a new day dawnin')
(we're jivin')
(still drivin')
sky divin' (early in the morning)

still burnin' (yeah)
still yearnin' (and the wheel's)
still turnin' (better than every guy)
we're jivin' (and the beat's)
still drivin' (and we're all)
sky divin' (rock'n'roll never die)

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