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Princess Nokia - Vicki Gotti MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

d-mn, i look good
lemme touch myself
p-ss and step back
kiss myself, c'mon
get it on, you be screaming my name
mad i'm getting honey at the foreign exchange
while your man jerking off to my pictures
i'm in meetings round town making boss decisions
oh, you ain't know let me score this pigeons
i got a rhyme that barks like a dog that hiccups
and a flow that's so hot it can get your d-ck up
cuz' this princess lifestyle is hard to keep up

wearing nauti, acting loopy
on my nookie, new suzuki
say he sweat the coochie, wanna buy me gucci
sport the new perruci wrapped up in the pucci
italian imported like the counter at balducci

watch me when i step on carpet , armaretto
italian leather, and the timberland stiletto
here they call me princess like i'm tony daughta meadow
a made b-tch to these wise guy fellows
cl-ssic to the cello, money green and yellow
sonny sends his love, and papi says h-llo


when i pull up in the spot
(put your hands up!)
if you talking to me hot
(bring your stacks up!)
vicki gotti
she's so naughty
at the party in bulgari (x2)

versace hottie, mafioso mami
vicki gotti to all you n-bodies
god mother, unlike the others
see these dudes move like feds cuz' they straight undercovers
you a joke and you make me laugh
claim you gettin money but you get no cash
claim you bag chicks, but you chicks is trash
fast to pop sh-t, now look at your -ss
i was eve with the apple, you a snake in the gr-ss
when it's all said and done , you a ghost to the past
the best that you had, cuz' your new b-tch is mad
you try imitate everything that we have
so i move on ,and bore with borders
you outside with change looking for quarters
i'm inside the range, flippin' the focus
on my way to the stage, fixing my rolex
here's the stage , pay like a warbuck
and they all know my name, paris to london
that's why my pay is bigger than yours son
triple your income, see i know where i fit son
flirt with the mobs, you don't want no problems
tie you and wack you when i don't even have to
cuz' i'm not even mad boo, but i know that you're mad too!

(chorus x2)

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