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Princess Nokia - The Conclusion MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

i don't sing well, but, f~ck, i'm a g~nius
i turn my heartbreak to poetry when it shatter in pieces
don't fall in love with a poet, they really are leeches
kissin' kate barlow and a jar full of peaches

i'm just like zero from holes
a foster kid and it shows
and i make fun of my woes
'cause i be doped up on hope

here is the conclusion
i love making music
even if it didn't make me money, i would do it

i love writing poetry
and i love acting stupid
i take my experiences and i go out and do it

i'm bad at spoken word
so i became a rapper
and sometimes i'm a model
and sometimes i'm an actor

i've played with many looks
and sung in many songs
everything that i release is something that i know

all my albums differ
and i am really proud of that
people think it's silly
but i will never dial back
'cause i like to experiment
and i see nothing wrong with that
i like trying different things
and i like spreading out my wings

you see, i don't care what people think
or what they speak of me
hi, my name is destiny
and i'm good person
i see that you're mean to me and i did not deserve it
i survived from trauma and i'm living out my purpose
and i'm sure you are too
we're really not that different
i hope that when you listen to this album you just listen
and find it in your heart to listen to the words and rhythm
and excerpts from my diary that were my mental prison

the girl cried and it rained
the sun started to come out
the girl cried and it rained
the sun started to come out
the girl cried and it rained
the sun started to come out and

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