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Princess Nokia - Sunday Best MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

couple sunday dresses
it's a holy sunday best
witches get the brunching
rep that 5 upon the chest
penetrate my coven
guaranteed you will be vexed
vip to heaven
yemaya upon the breast

mother love
sister love
daughter love
all the love
conjure love and give me love
god's love
super love
yeah, gaia love
all love
yeah, we holding all the love

repping 256
osunfikayo, really do this sh~t
oloyi ayo ore yeye ooo
our mother, source of our creative flow
uh, we are divine feminine
the ancient waters that exist within
don't forget your truth, melanin
all you got to do is look within
then you'll recollect where you begin

and we pray everyday
osetura, yeah, we got that ase
put respect on the name
iya, nana, bruja, best in the game

for my santeras with candelas
taking baths with la canella
oshun make things better
for my brujas, sucia women who don't fold
head wrapped in cotton and covered with gold
i run with wolves, leader of the pack
i frolic in the woods with the stevie nicks hat
yo, nokia that's a fact
hunnid goons on my back
and they really pave ways
put my prayers on wax

eleyeleye aro
lo dega
i bet y'all want to meet my mom
but you can't yet
sorry, had to raincheck
had to freeze the time
read your mind
i ain't brain dead
i can feel your vibe
and it's toxic and hateful
low frequency
bottom of the bas~m~nt
i can transm~te you
i can make you fruitful
i could fill your cup
mami got that omi tutu
see you in a rut
baby, come here, let me soothe you
i could build a trust
send you blessings on the bluetooth
that juju

i'm a white witch and i wear a lot of black
it's a full moon and i'm praying back~to~back
use my intuition
set my new intention
my future's abundant
joyful, pleasant
bohemian boricua
gypsy señorita
jíbara of the finca
bonita de la isla
like stevie nicks, i got a hat full of tricks
you would think i move bricks from the money that i get

let the river flow
if you feel the soul
this is spiritual

but don't get it f~cked up
you could get f~cked up
i'll defend my family and my spirit till i'm done up
this the revolution like a panther with her gun up
i don't endorse the violence, but you ain't about to son us
i promise

omo awo
on the high road
walk through all the right doors
crown to the floor
i make ose on tour
i inspire young girls
all around the world

if you ain't 'bout it
you can miss me with the bullsh~
oshun and nokia, we really do this
me and my blood with the blueprint

if you ain't 'bout it
you can miss me w the bullsh~
oshun and nokia, we really do this
me and my blood with the blueprint

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