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Princess Nokia - Heart MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

i'm not like those baddies that you see on instagram (preach it)
i'm not like those girls that be on kanye ‘workout plan'
i'm a little artsy and i know i'm kinda smart (church it)
i may not have clout, but i've got a lot of heart (say what)

i don't do no flexing, i don't do it for the ‘gram
i don't need approval, not from you or any man
i don't need attention, i don't care if i look broke
inside i am beautiful, and that is all i know (preach it)

even when i'm confident, i'm kind of insecure
use a lot of filters when i'm not feeling for sure (church it)
compare myself to other girls, the pressure got me stressed
i hate social media, i wish it all would end (say what)

i'm not like those other girls; in fact, i'm f~cking worse
i like being different, wouldn't change it for the world (go ‘head)
everything i'm not makes me everything i am
inside i am beautiful, and this is who i am (on god)

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