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Princess Nokia - Happy Place MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

i'm cold, they hot
i'm everything they not
ain't worried 'bout no spot
'cause when i drop, the whole world stop

i got the music locked
for girls in twisted locs
who like they body hair
and buy consignment shop

art thot, that's me
i dance, i rap, i sing
i do so many things
i move around these p's

i like to move with ease
i'm staying drama~free
get to that happy peak
get to that happy peak

crop you out the picture
i ain't f~cking with ya
listening to sza
hennessy in my pitcher

power up my liver
get the food delivered
cold like a shiver
cake, i'll take a sliver

vegan, please, get the cheese
got my ex on his knees
might just say he hate me
but he come right back to me

i'm not like them kids
they cool and i'm not
ten chains full of bling
one nose full with snot

i got my happy place
and it's all in my head
and when i close eyes
i go to it instead

i'm getting wonder bread
i keep that lettuce fresh
i'm writing from my bed
this joy will never end

i see they mad 'cause i'm a lady
they rolling backwoods, i roll mercedes
i'm never mad, that's why they hate me
sheneneh jenkins, don't you try to play me

you acting outta pocket
well, b~tch, you need to stop it
'cause everything you doing
is fully microscopic

your name is not the topic
and you get no attention
i'm snow white in the forest
and the dwarves is my henchmen

petty's never cute
growing up is cool
b~tches still be acting
like they fighting after school

fighting is your mood
hungry, you need food
i'm out here cool as sh~t
dressed like i'm in krush groove

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