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Post Malone - Squad MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

[intro: post malone}
a double cup up for my b-tches who on the floor shaking they -ss, whoa
bring it on over but baby forgive me if i took the grab, oh
i'm rocking off white with the camo i'm spilling ciroc on my ablo
i'm trying to f-ck with some millions i promise won't stop till i have em'

[verse 1: post malone]
air jordans to the ripped jeans i'm in all black with my gold teeth
put the og in the codeine your b-tch she so thirsty
said “oh lambo mercy” f-ck the police tryna search me
smoke juju tryna curse me
f-ck any motherf-cker tryna hurt me
get smart, quick unzip way too much zip
undid zip too much zip
man, f-ck out my business
young post get the bills quick
gold chains young white slick rick
boy graining my new whip
drink 40s till i feel sick

[hook: post malone]
i got drugs on drugs on drugs on drugs on drugs
i got bars on bars on bars
ars, and a bad b-tch in my car
imma do it for my squad
imma do it for my squad
b-tch i do it for my squad
b-tch i do it for my squad
b-tch imma do it for my squad
b-tch i do it for my squad
b-tch i do it for my squad
b-tch i do it for my squad

[verse 2: unknown artist]

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