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Post Malone - Motley Crew MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

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snippet 1

came with the gang, we made it
came with the gang, we made it
came in with my crew

what you gon' do?
i'ma pull up with the crew
when i'm with the troops
i rock that hand out the roof
i'm rockin' jewels
black [?], diamonds they move

snippet 2

can we go on and on and on? yeah
but people are just jelaous
we just wanna party, party, party, yeah
we ridin' [?] and we all rich
count up the bands, stick it up
i'm with the band, speakin' of
titties in the club, they pickin' up
came with the gang, they give it up
i see you wеak in your hands
players, we do it serious
i'm with thе fast and furious
we in the club [?]
i get the commas, period
colder than ice, siberia
i'm at the top of the pyramids
b~tch, i'm a star, see it
we gettin' into plays, serious
came with the gang, we made it
came with the gang, we made it
came in with my crew

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