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Pooh Shiesty - Shiesty Season Intro MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

let's go, let's go

ayy, cut all the fake sh~t, i see through it (i see through it)
straight with the cartier, hit with the louis (it hit with my louis)
stay with the glock, i ain't gotta get to it (i ain't gotta get to it)
she in love with my music, we f~ck to my newest (f~ck to my newest)
burn up her top ‘fore i pass her the boot (‘fore i pass her the stick)
cg hit your block with them chops, shooter move (cg on the beat)
and i'll take your gun if i feel like you won't use it (givin' it to big30)
lil' b~tch like the light on her face when she chew it (like when she chеw it)
when we get thе drop, we don't wait, we get to it (don't wait, we get to it)
everybody ain't gangsta, get locked, get approved
no, i'm not one of them, i was hittin' ‘fore music (hittin' ‘fore music)
glock with the fully, it twerk when you shoot it (blrrrd)
they don't post over there (blrrrd), they know where i come through (i get to it)
tryna pay to get me k!lled, why you won't come do it? (come do)
get sent out, watch how i send you back to 'em (back to 'em, blrrrd, blrrrd)
yeah, yeah, back to 'em (blrrrd, back to 'em)
f on the chopper, play another stack for 'em (stack for 'em)
straight from the hood right to all platforms (straight forward)
small drac' with the wood, this a all~black, boy
high~speedin' on the north, can't catch this tour
moncler bubble coat, low~top dior
white wock' in my hands, tryna get through my pour
don't play with your life, i'll take it, enjoy, blrrrd
enjoy, play with your life, i'll take it, enjoy (blrrrd, blrrrd)
faceshots to your neck, now you're hooked to a cord
i'm goin' to go slide every time i get bored
can't go on no mission no more, you'll blow it
i give n~ggas hope, i'm a god in the crib (ayy)
ayy, i give n~ggas hope in the crib, i'm a god, i'm a lord (let's go, let's go)
beat her back up, she gon' let me record (blrrrd)
we spin out a rental, get dropped out a ford
far from a beginner, i been makin' noise
old~school ak, sh~t came with a sword (ayy, blrrrd)
these the baguettes you cannot afford (cannot afford)
knock out his spaghetti, he leakin' like oil
i just sipped two pints but i still want some more (some more)
shawty's too wavy, can't get on my shore (get on my shore)
nope, shawty's too wavy, can't get on this shore
shawty's too wavy, can't get on this shore, blrrrd
big blrrrd

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