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Pink - Stolen Life MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

wake up in the morning go to work
fire up the truck and drive to sonoma
hop on the forklift
fill up the truck with ten thousand pounds of newspaper
ten thousand pounds of racist, trash, and lies
drive the truck back to santa rosa put the newspaper in the recycle
so the rich white man can print out the same batch of lies
again and again and again and again and again and again and again

it's too bad the cops had to kill that man
but he had a broomstick and he was asian
we know they're all samurai warriors
they're all kung fu masters
they're all just like jackie chan
it's too bad the cops had to restrain his wife
cause she was a registered nurse and she tried to save his life
but that would go against rules and regulations
to just forget at 2 at night
we're so proud of our boys in blue
cause they always do what's right
i saw eileen today
i saw her children play in the courtyard
lately it occurred to me
how does a mama tell her children their dad got killed by the police?


it's too bad the cops had to kill that kid
but someone called in a stolen walkman
the cops they chased him down but he refused to lie face on the ground
and he just walked away
the cop said, “this punk can't walk away in the all black night
so i had to shoot him in the back of the head
from fifty feet away
i had to kill him it was self defense
i was afraid he would circle back around and kill me.”
i saw corneleus speak today at the hayward high
that other police stole his sons life away
over a walkman that wasn't that much more than change
how does a father find justice for a son stolen away?
stolen away
stolen away
stolen away
stolen away
i don't want to hear your news cast anymore cause it's bullsh-t
i don't want to see your headlines anymore cause they're bullsh-t
i don't want to hear your press release anymore cause it's bullsh-t
i don't want to see your police report anymore cause it's bullsh-t

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