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Partynextdoor - Grown Man Cry MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

[verse 1]

look what the, we did
how do we put up with all this sh-t
and baby, if we go our separate ways
there's no coming back to this


and i wonder every single day
if there's something that i could say
to make everything alright
baby, you know how much i
need you in my life


so why would i choose, to leave this alone?
can something be done, to change this from wrong?
baby, i won't lie
baby i will fight
but it hurts me inside
tell me have you ever seen a grown man cry

[verse 2]

looked at how far we have come
it hurts to think that everything is said and done
but baby girl you know this feeling
shawty,you know you're the only one



[verse 3]

would it matter if i changed
mattered if i listened
mattered if i made it and i payed off your tuition
well i'm here to let you know
if you can say an if
then you can say yes, and you can be my miss
fly,this feel like a trip
and man, it done feel like i've been through too much sh-t
baby, i'm just tryna look forward
hope that you ain't looking back
and if i ever get your heart, baby i ain't giving it back


and i
feel like we've been strong for so long
i can't go on without ya
so girl
take me back into your heart
cause' baby i'm willing to start


tell me have you ever seen a grown man cry
tell me have you ever seen a grown man cry
tell me have you ever seen a grown man cry…

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