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Partynextdoor - Fantasy Girl MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

its just fantasy
it can't be rid of me

[verse 1:partynextdoor ]
call it five, yeah
still alive, yeah
said you ain't good enough
you'd be surprised yeah
its just fantasy
it can't be rid of me–
here for the paper, the green
the hater come in, we just ??
took your lies
i'm not surprised
we just too god for the game
whatever you feel is the same
most of theses n-gg-s the same
we bring the difference
teaching these clowns
mess up the game
keeping my sound
no one else around, yeah
we keeping my sound

its just fantasy
it can't be rid of me–

we keeping my sound

its just fantasy
it can't be rid of me–

[verse 2: drake]
big up to yourself, baby don;t you ever quit it
baby, not a lot of options for you
i will admit it
something so cultural
but i never see the culture take control of you
always had a grasp of your past and your present
never looked away from the people thata helped you get it
helped you understand that is bigger than you
and all your mentions
or anyting that”s pending that you sending to all these wenches
girl counting your blessings
your dreams are something worth capturing
always out at night
when them kickbacks are happenin'
i need you to work hard, kick backin'…
just keep relaxing
the graduating,come larrrrd
your the princess of a king
the definition of father
the daughter of a queen
who would never touch the bottom
had to serve another to know what it's like to hunger
i wonder about if your 1st or 2nd meal is comin'
see times are really hard
when you haven;t got it figured out
but god's gonna see it thru
as long as you don't have any doubt
'cause nothin' will be given
if you have nothin' to bless b
she had a man that did her wrong
that's on to the next b
she don't need a man to make her feel good
she always had a sense of self
you'd be so impressed
she carries body positivity and loves her self
please don't stop her from getting what she deserves
the best me

its just fantasy
it can't be rid of me–

n-gg- we keeping m sound

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