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One Piece - We Are MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

wealth, fame, power.
gold roger the king of the pirates obtained this and everything else the
world had to offer. and his dying words drove countless souls to the seas.
“you want my treasure? you can have it! i left everything i gathered
together in one place. now you just have to find it! ”
these words lured men to the grand line, pursuing dreams greater than they
ever dared to imagine. this is the time known as the great pirate era.

come on board and bring along,
all your hopes and dreams.
together we will find everything
that we're looking for.

one piece

comp-ss left behind.
it'll only slow us down.
your hart will be your guide.
raise the sails and take the helm.

that legendary place,
that the end of the map reveals
it's only legendary,
till someone proves it real.

through it all,
through all the troubled time,
through the heartache
and through the pain.
know that i
will be there to stand by you,
just like i know you'll stand by me.

so come on board and bring along,
all your hopes and dreams.
together we will find everything
that were looking for.
there is always room for you,
if you want to be my friend.

we are!
we are
on a cruise!

we are!

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