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One Piece - Believe MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

[verse 1]
i'll keep believing in the future, not caring if anyone laughs at me
the p-ssion running within you makes you shine
it's too dazzling, but i want to keep watching you
somehow, sensing those aesthetics makes me really really stuck on you

chasing, chasing after the one in my dreams
that is like no one else
with a feeling that burns like it's kindling the dawn
i don't know yet what the consequences will be
instead of these boring times, it's gotta be dramatic
until we achieve that, believe in wonderland!

[verse 2]
under casual rules, we've avoided a mountain of problems
but because of your pride, you can't turn back down this road
on your weak nights when troubles keep coming
i will hold you tight, i wanna wanna be with you
holding on, we keep holding on
to a dream that no one else can see
because i'm with you, we have such hot feelings
we don't really need consistency
instead of a mundane routine
run towards paradise and believe in wonderland!


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