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Oliver Tree - World Wide MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

[intro: ???]
this is all you need that i'm in love with you

[verse 1: oliver tree]
ain't no way to describe the rap style that i've brung
some chicks say it's like the way i tickle their cl-t with my tongue

[chorus: ???]
this is all you need that i'm in love with you

[verse 2: oliver tree]
used to be depressed
b-mping powder up my nose
now i'm f-cking b-tches
making music
doing shows
i stopped feeding addiction when i saw the way that we behave
chemisted the drugs while you dig yourself a deeper grave
speakers play [?] so that'll pull me off the map
now i've cleaned up my act
while i make a comeback
splatter your brain on the concrete
my rap delivers the same while it's on beat
laugh only cause you look like a b-tch
switch to rob the rich
make it look like a glitch
in your f-cking system make a hard drive back up
see me crack up and toss a toaster in your bathtub
that's love with the f-cking way i behave
electrocute your punk -ss while you're trying to bathe
so i'm riding away from this life that i've made
i'm done having substance make my mind decay
cause i used to fight cops when i smoked white rocks
[?] i'm naked in a tree like a mother f-cking cyclops
tie you up with bike locks and throw your body in a lake
then i'll pop out of the cuts like a stripper in a cage
jack the ripper couldn't make murder schemes so vicious
when i ate your placenta pie it was delicious
but when i can't escape all this sh-t on my plate
my mic handling sk!lls like a superpower hand me my cape

[chorus: ???]
this is all you need that i'm in love with you

[verse 3: oliver tree]
i must verify that my raps will terrify you
push you down a flight of steps
break your neck and paralyze you

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