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Oliver Tree - Smell You Later MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

rap is like science, my thesis can conclude
watch the way the patterns i dispatched like a monsoon
my mind is free
so hard it's super dark (?)
don't be stuck and confined being someone who you're not
people do a lot i don't care if you like me
i speak politely and help for your psyche
alrighty if you find it quite it likely
then the fact that you fact waste your life for me
the effort don't excite me
correct me if i'm slightly out of line
but you can constitute the impact
instead of wasting your time
i once was a funny, chubby kid with the fat face
huffin and puffin last place in the rap race
now the rap packs hit me like a fat cat
hiding away, everytime i come the way
put your mind on display
and make an example of an older wisdom
as it turns out there isn't enough sp~ce
you contain me in the solar system

[spoken word]
i'm done here man!
i'm done!
smell you later!

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