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Oliver Tree - Kryph Spittin MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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[verse 1 from next level sh~t: oliver]
~shattered like an embryo in a test tube
let loose, and move to the bass like a fat chick
or i could punch you in the face and make your body do a backflip
that sh~t'll hurt when the ground comes arriving
hits so hard, send the sun and earth colliding
raiders surviving
who created my writing?
my existence from my infinite raw uprising
so the system's aligning
to the way i rock ya
knock ya head so hard, unaligning ya shocking
drop the beat
so complete, i can fill up a wh0re
'cause this next level sh~t is spinning out of control

[chorus from once it's gone: oliver]
once it's gone
it's waste, forеver
once it's gone~

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