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Offset - Man Down MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

[chorus: offset]

if a running n-gga snitching it's a man down
i'll pull my n-gga up if a man down
its a man down
someone call an ambulance, it's a man down
kicking in the door, lay the man down
looking for the pound lay the man down
its a man down
with a hundred rounds sure to put a man down

man down [x12]

[verse 1: offset]

my n-ggas they pull up with choppers
you call them the rastas
they coming they taking you guala
run to the money like pal amara
they call me taco bell we selling enchiladas
had to k!ll a n-gga as a ? of forgiveness
number one trapper put a n-gga up for ?
i remember all the days i had to sit down for a seven
40. caliber the 30 round
kicking in doors, i need flex, i need gold, i need dope
i need everything that you own
i eat you n-gga like you macaroni
i keep the mac i'm not talking bony
trapping and capping they calling me tony montana
got bricks on bananas
got choppers bananas
got pot on your head like it's dandruff
missiles on choppers my n-ggas bringing danger
can't slam ? all the way
kicking in doors we don't forgive for a second
we whipping the pot just like it is a slave
play with the migos get put in a grave
pull out the pistols these n-ggas gone stand down
its a man down
i know my n-ggas we pull up in bentleys
we pull out the choppers we leavin' no witness
talk to the plug up in ?
beating the pot just like anime
chopper hit 'em hard ?
i'm not ? upon your face
he looked no different up in the grave
in that house i had to contemplate these f-ck n-ggas around me they don't relegate
broke as a b-tch i had to elevate
blue benjamin's all over my dinner plate!

[chorus: offset]

[verse 2: snead]

i run to the door out front of your house
gun to your mouth what you talkin' bout now?
you felt what it is a real you know he'll k!ll
fat boy too cause i know he gone shoot
no basketball, i ain't talking bout hoop
said that imma loot though
i'm a king like martin
rocking like music got range like hardy
catch a n-gga slippin' at the red light
leave his -ss dead like some dead mice
i be rollin' round with the ogs
with a swisher on my lap smoking ogs
i never claim to be a k!ller but i k!ll me a n-gga
play with young snizzle get smoked like a swisher
couple racks on your head make a n-gga call ?
hit him up four times but it feels like a ?
i die by my fam, i die with respect
i pick up the phone, i k!ll you, collect
i ain't gotta be seen, ain't gotta be found
i'm telling two dudes just to see who you found
that's another man down
gotta put him in a he-rs-
another man down put his picture on a shirt
young shnizzle i'm a young rich n-gga, so i had to k!ll him with the young rich n-ggas
shot a n-gga head tryna rob rich shnizzle
but they didn't get sh-t shoulda been more ?
hit 'em back so quick they had a whole issue
n-ggas start running from the ?
boy you f-ckin' round with the gun game
quick to turn a b-tch to a gun range
why you f-ckin' round with the gun game?
quick to turn a b-tch to a gun range!

[chorus: offset]

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