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Offset - Line It Up MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

~lyrics from snippet

[intro: offset]
durel made the beat, i'ma rock with it
hey, hey
woo, woo, woo

[chorus: offset]
these n~~~as sleep on the gang, n~~~a
we bout to wake em' back up
don't lose your life for my chain, n~~~a (life)
f~~k it, gon' line that sh~t up (line it up)
go buy the wide body bentley, no range (wide body)
go get a thot and don't f~~k, give me brain (thotty)
go get a shotty, go shoot out his brain (shotty)
she eat the molly to f~~k on the gang (molly)
kidnap the pilot then f~~k on the plane (pilot)
we gon' buy the sh~t, we never lease it (we buy)
f~~k on your hoe and she keep it a secret (shh)
hit her one time, broke your heart all to pieces (broke)
lamb truck, sound like it's wheezing (vroom)
water my neck, go to the beaches (hey)

[verse: offset]
father, bless me and watch out for demons (not bothered)
pull up, matte black lamborghini (not bothered)
pity you fools like i'm mr. t
he said that he rich, that's a mystery
bought her a birkin, [?] history (that's history)
f~~k her, she suck, she won't kiss the g (no, no)
this a new frog and it's leaping, hey (leap)
sit on my log and she leaking, ye
she mine, she not your b~t~h today (she mine)
get in the bando and whip the ye
new deals come with new mills, come with new bills unless you gon' cash it out (cash)
smash or not, [?] i crash or not
f~~k around and see the car dash, i'm out
i keep a mag cause' i shoot on a spy (mag)
try and do me bad, we ain't gon' let that sh~t fly
[?] stripper bowl, we up on the porch
switch on a b~t~h, aiming down on a [?]
red diamonds sh~t, [?] double jointed (woo)
i'm thanking god for knowing (god)
heard he working this morning (work, work)

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