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Offset - Duffle Bag MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

[intro: french montana]
started with a hundred, then i came back with a duffle bag
duffle bag, duffle bag
duffle bag, duffle bag

[verse: offset]
n~ggas around me, they money hungry
looking for you like the bounty hunter
banana clips shooting at all you monkeys
my money stretching longer than a bungy
i'm an animal, eat you like canibles
you n~ggas ain't trappin, you n~ggas is amatures
i pull up, my diamonds flashing like a camera
bought the phantom, cut the top like a samurai
danny glover, cause my n~ggas they lethal
migos, we legends just like we the beatles
brr, i got birds but no [?]
me and [?] giving shots out, but no netal
f~ck with the coke boys, pull up in that roles royce
i play with them keys, you think my name mozart
i'm pulling your card like it's poker
chopper be clappin like it is magnolia
me and your n~ggas is not the same
they snitching and telling and dropping names
you change up on n~ggas like mood rings
your car a honda, mine a [?]
kick flippin money, lue cang
white diamond, ku klux klan
whippin bricks, n~gga pudy tang
ain't no wittnesses, who you gon blame?

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