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Offset - Diamonds MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu


woah, young rich n~ggas, culture sh~t
number one album, number one song
man we grinding for this sh~t we work for this
you dig, young rich n~ggas man, dat way

(verse 1)
i f~cked the gang this week
i bought the plain philippe
if it ain't money lil' n~gga
my n~ggas can't even speak
i made 200 this week
that's really 600 capisce
i cannot talk to n~ggas
i tell them i only speak greek
i'm in a coupe on the beach
got a bad b~tch she a freak
no she not f~cking for free
she got her own house on a lease
who is? who is this n~gga?
who is this n~gga my g? who?
she gettin' attached to me

look at these diamonds, lightin' on my flesh
look at my diamonds, lightin' on my flesh
look at these diamonds, lightin' on my flesh
look at my diamonds, lightin' on my flesh
(verse 2)
look at these diamonds
look at these rocks
look at this water
f~ck on the thots
f~ck up the pot
f~ck up the pot
count up a knot
count up a knot
doin the most
in a white ghost
got me the pope, gimme the (?)
this sh~t just started, back in the day we only had dreams and hopes
used to be charted up on the block, im serving the fiends the dope
big bank take lil bank
young n~gga walking with the chopper with the shank
good drank, yeah, good drank
pourin up a four while a n~gga on the plane
insane, yeah, insane
watch cost $7,000 and its plain jane
8 chains, yeah, 8 chains
throwin a (?) that's a migo thang
cocaine and cocaine
took a couple shots and she lost her brain

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