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Offset - Bando Testimony MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

lyrics from snippet

ain't no gang with this sh~t (no gang)
throw up my gang, hittin' yo b~tch (my gang)
bando change if a n~gga get a hit (grrat)
ain't talkin' song, make a hit with the stick (grrat)
drop lean in the morning, gotta have a sip (lean)
if a n~gga fold, shoot him out the whip (fold)
what's in your pocket? it's a pocket full of crips (who?)
pink diamonds on me, take the soul out a b~tch
i take his head off, i'm talkin' the opp (opp)
i took this top off the lamb, it's a drop (drop)
told that lil' b~tch and her friend, they were thots (thot)
came with my chain and my watch and my glock (watch)
i see a opp and i'm watchin', he plottin', he plottin' (he plottin')
i'm plottin', we poppin', they rottin' (we poppin')
benihana, we cook him, hibachi (cook up)
i got money, i'm chocolate, i'm c~cky (hey)
oh, what's her name? good mouth, no t~~th (mouth)
put her in chanel and a benz on fleek (whoo)
hunnids never fail, make a b~tch get geeked (geeked)
beat it from the back, arch your back, skeet, skeet (ugh)
pull up, we gon' slide in the jeep, beep, beep (slide)
young n~gga fire two sticks, six three (fire)
young n~gga fire by the two or by the three (three)
two hunnid the dash in the srt (skrrrt)
should've went to eliott, don't si me
i'm a nawfside n~gga with the recipe (nawf)
two fingers, a thumb, we checkin' for pee (pee)
shot off his arm, r~i to p (bow)
cut out his tongue for lyin' to me (raaah)
been cappin' too long, we firin', let's see (cap)
reach for my tongue and you dying, on me (bow)
one on one, you can't even find one me
dragons, we got that fire

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