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Offset - 100 Bricks MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

[chorus: offset]
i'm a rich n-gga
you're a broke n-gga
should've had a p-ssy you a ho n-gga
if the police call a n-gga i don't know n-gga
why the f-ck you talkin to me like you know a n-gga
dropped out of high school just to hit some l!cks
when i walk into the mall they wanna take a pic
all teachers told me i wouldn't make it
now i'm rich
i wanna be the bigger trapper with a 100 bricks

100 bricks,100 bricks,100 bricks
100 bricks,100 bricks,100 bricks
100 bricks,100 bricks,100 bricks
100 bricks,100 bricks,100 bricks
100 bricks,100 bricks,100 bricks
100 bricks,100 bricks,100 bricks
100 bricks,100 bricks,100 bricks

[verse 1: tracy t]
couple squares, couple bears clientele on serve
deep sea gotta whole lot of fish ,n-gga
rich n-gga still running with the stick n-gga
talk about ? n-gga
yes i'll get n-gga
sp-ce ship, dope money
got that trunk filled with that pack from the west
threw the profit on my neck
offset's on the vet
offset's in the vert
40. cal on the search
shoot 'em down like a bird
hundred birds fly south let my n-ggas break 'em down
n-ggas talking bout its ready get it in and get it out
its coming on the load
coming through the checkpoint
don't make it then i'll probably lay a p-ssy n-gga down
blue bricks in the wrist in the sh-t
gotta brick off a split
i was broke, now i'm fixed
put my n-ggas in the mix
now they running with the bricks
with the bricks and the sticks
tryna get a hundred bricks
unload 'em off the palette
put em in the alley
sh-t gets tragic when your f-ckin' with a package
they put em in the trap then they put em in baggage
then they get gone like a n-gga never had it
abracadabra like god d-mn i know magic
like houdini with bricks, i do it fantastic
hundred bricks put em in the trap, n-gga
hundred bricks put em on a map!

[chorus: offset]

[verse 2: offset]
i got a plug up in cali
got green like it's salad
fell in love with the money
i had a marriage
you used to have babies
but you lost your baby,you had a miscarriage
look at my watch, its got so many carats
got birds in my kitchen, got pigeons got parrots
got bombs on me, you think i'm a terrorist
i pull up in phantom ghost it is scary
got a b-tch cooking dope she a brazilian
stayed in the kitchen got me a whole million
giuseppe walking alligator amphibian
i came from the trap and the dope will stay ignorant
i talk to el chapo he send me some tacos
i went to the lot and bought me a gallardo
i'm a street n-gga go check out my bio
i got so much money you think i hit the lotto
im a supplier, before you set foot in my trap
i check you looking for the wire
i built the empire
my plug on a boat like a pirate
if you running up on me imma start up a riot
im cooking up fish n-gga, it's time to eat it
bon appet-te, have a feast
my b-tch just landed from greece
red bottoms under her feet
i'm loving that b-tch cause her daddy got keys!

[chorus: offset]

tracy t & offset (migos) hundred bricks

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