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Lirik Lagu

[intro: mushu]
alright that's it! dishonor!
dishonor on your whole family! (make a note of this)
dishonor on you! dishonor on your cow!

[verse 1: niño]
nails done like mulan
hair straight like mulan
makeup just like mulan
outfit just like mulan
she mixed like she blasian, hips like jamaican
no mix with caucasian, talking boys? she playin
that base hit your body, twelve-gauge shotty
i'm ill with the battle rifle master chief stop me
off-topic, i think i lost it, i'm talking tings
she so very far from queen that's why we can't even link

she not a, she not a, she not a
girl worth fighting for!

she not a, she not a, she not a
girl worth fighting for
that's why i need, that's why i need, that's why i need, that's why i need, i need a
girl worth fighting for!

excuse me? i think the question is, who are you?!
we're in a war man! there's no time for stupid questions!
i should have your hat for that, snatch that right off your head!

[verse 2: sirmike]
if she if she not a girl that's worth fighting for i'm done
shawty act like she a keeper but she sleep around for fun
she post a pic on insta now her likes are about a ton
cause she got her booty out, caption say, “i'm coolin out”
all she care about is nails done, hair done, face done
her beauty on her surface [?] can't save none
ask about commitment, she'll reply, “can't make one”
ask about her friends man, she'll say ima take one


[outro: ling po]
think of instead, a girl worth fighting for!

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