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Nino - Morning After MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

i think apologies are old
i f-cked around and gotchu faded
i said some things i shouldn't have
picked up your phone you sounded jaded
all of the things i could've said
i made the choice to say the worse
i loaded the ammo from my mind
shouted the things i knew would hurt


it was me and the bros
regular night on the road
we were down town
at the bounce house
on a sat-rday night
man you know how it goes
this is the life that we chose
this raping sh-t come with hoes
stop getting mad at the things that you know
please take it easy you doing the most
just hold me down and i promise we close
but you ain't had the patience
and i ain't have to time to make it make sense
and i've been tryna move without leg room
i feel like a giant in a play pen
oh you wanna work it out
whatcha wanna talk about
wait till a n-gga got mad
now we play full tag
and you quit when the sh-t went south


now that ___ ___ you get lonely don't you worry you don't need me
block my number, lose your phone, or f-cking call me don't you worry you won't see me
you get drunk
and i get drunk
and then we f-ck
and now we wish it never happened
add enough, we can't be stuck
we hit a bump because of you we end up crashing

bright lights, i hide, i try
all these temporary feel goods
all these temporary feel goods
can't feel a thing but it still feels good
bright lights, i hide, i try
all these temporary feel goods
all these temporary feel goods
can't feel a thing but it still feels good
we got lit up yeah woo!
pulled up with the pickups
full of liquor yeah woo!
sun rays in the morning
like a mirror yeah, who's!
staring back at me
think he's mad at me
every weekend just another casualty
model b-tches that's just how it had to be
sick of fathoming
baby i don't know
lately i don't grow, i'm
better on my own, still
i'ma call my bros and
they gon call some hoes
do the most
and i'm leaving with
which ever one that drove, i know
i know i'm not perfect
i'm not who i want to be, yeah
i know i'm misguided
i'm not who you want to be with
in the concrete there's a rose
best believe i got some goals
i'm just looking for a home, i
all this alcohol and burning secrets
i'm so bad with timing
i still ain't learn from the prefix
empty bottles like my soul
got no self control
taking em shots and reload
hope that my friends got my coat

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