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Nikka Costa - Maybe MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

maybe faraway, or maybe real nearby

he maybe pouring her coffee

she maybe straightening his tie

maybe in a house, all hidden by a hill

she's sittin' playing pianah

he's sitting paying a bill

betcha they're young

betcha they're smart

bet the collect things like ash trays ans art

betcha they're good why shouldn't they be

their one mistake was giving up me

so, maybe now it's time

and maybe when i wake

they'll be there calling me baby


betcha he reads, betcha she sews

maybe she's made me a closet of clothes

maybe they're strick, as straight as a line

don't really care as long as they're mine

so, maybe now this prayer's

the last one of it's kind

won't you please come and get yor baby


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