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Nikka Costa - Master Blaster MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

hey, master blaster with that evil grin
full of smug intentions
you staked your claim and then went through with it without a sorry mention
the world's been cryin' out for weeks now
seems like the one thing we agree upon
but you turn your head and your eager eyes away from the children you're spittin' on

what does your mama say about it?
i bet your mama's very proud to know her baby's in your position
and doin' some good with his power

you disregard the ground we walk on
toss it off with indifference
you say there ain't no harm to who you're stepping on, but you make sure you keep your distance
you wouldn't think of backin' down now
you wear your pride like a loaded gun
your only claim to fame now is killing for no reason

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