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Nicki Minaj - Only Once MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

i used to think i was alive
i really thought i could survive
i thought my life was prize, my life was desired
that everyone loved me or at least tried

i thought this life was designed
i thought thought at least mine was defined
but everytime i'm searching for something i slowly realize…
it was all a lie

these b~tches will down on you
clown you won't stop until they drown on you
you do nothing but all they do is frown upon you

i realized i'm the only one left, the only one that's allowed to use their voice with they whole chest
maybe now it's all up to me
maybe it's not meant to be
let's find out on this next quest

[rm & nicki minaj]
it's really one time, one breath one life
it's only one time when you gotta realize you're not the rest
it's only one time till you know how to give it your best
it's only one time till you realize, you are the only one left

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