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Neffex - No Sleep MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

she says that she loves me
she just wants to f me
got me feeling something
got me feeling nothing

alcoholic junkie
said she thinks i'm funny
think i might get lucky
spending too much money

she said she wants my necklace
put her on the guest list
hope i don't regret this
hope i don't regret this

im feeling h-lla reckless
cashin all my checks rich
hickies on my neck sh-t
she's on the offensive

i do not know my set list
still i'm gonna get lit
yea i have a death wish
live until i'm breathless

ima stay progressive
she gon stay obsessive
life is so expensive
do everything excessive

i think my brains defective…
can't think when she's aggressive…
she snuck into my section…
you think i'd learn my lesson…

we ain't getting no sleep
these girls don't even know me
like drake i'm getting trophies
you want it girl then show me

she sittin up in the front of the cl-ss
using that -ss
she gonna p-ss
keeping her pad and her pen in her lap
she been so bad with the men in her past

now she just want the professor so bad
i'll give her lessons that she never had
like takin a freshman and teaching her
math i'll keep her guessing until she a grad

she always leave's em guessing
they dont know what's next man
learned it from the best man
she lovin every lesson

with hands on session
points for attendance
she asks a lot of questions
i answer with my presence

i sit back while i'm texting
said she wants to get in
said she'll bring her best friend
know what happened next man

you know what happened next man
treat her like a guest man
rollin out the best man
she had a confession

she wanna stay for a minute
she wanna play for a minute
she wanna slay for a minute
now i'm all up in it

i'll be back in a minute
i'll be blacked in a minute
make a track in a minute
now i'm all up in it

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