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Neffex - Light It Up MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

oh yeah you f-cking with neffex!!
so are you ready for the best?
said are you ready for the best?
let's go!

[verse 1]
yea i said i got this, i'm in it
i'm h-lla filthy so i got this i'm winning
i'm not a quitter so i'm not f-cking quitting
just try to stop me and you'll drop dead missing
i'm on my way to the top, now listen
i ain't ever gonna stop, too driven
i ain't ever getting lost, got vision
i'ma make this sh-t hot, ignition

yo give me facts, not fiction
then you know i'll f-cking listen
'cause i'm on a f-cking mission
man you got to be driven
'cause this world is unforgiving
you're the only one that's winning
or the only one that's quitting
so get up and stay committed
don't be asking for permission
hit the gas after ignition
and start acting like you're winning
make your own d-mn decisions
don't let others make you victims
have a thought and have a vision
don't get caught up in the millions

yeah i'ma make this sh-t hot!
oh i'ma light this sh-t up
yeah i'ma make this sh-t hot!
oh i'ma light this sh-t up

l-l-l-light this sh-t up

[verse 2]
let's go
i said i got this, i'm on it
give me 5 years and i got what i wanted
i'ma go ahead and finish all that i started
i'ma go ahead and get it all uncharted

i can make this place go off like a rocket
i could give a f-ck if you hate it or you love it
i don't do this sh-t 'cause i think that you're on it
i just do this sh-t 'cause i know that i want it

i could give a f-ck if i die today
if i'ma go out, it's my f-cking way
at least i'll go out with some pride to my name
with a fight, not a pray, that's my f-cking way

y'all can sit back and think you heard the best of me
i can guarantee that you haven't seen the rest of me
i can guarantee that this sh-t's gon' be my destiny
and i will never sleep 'til i make it then i'll rest in peace


l-l-l-light this sh-t up

you f-cking with the best
you f-cking with neffex
i don't even know what else to say
i'ma let that wave ride out though

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