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Mykki Blanco - For The Homeys MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

[verse 1]
thought on my head, licking the brain
wetting the bed, in the name of jews
f-cking the frog, getting the germ
lie to the cops that we playing stupid
you're not alone, we got yo back
f-cking wit' you, yeah, they f-cking wit' us
let it be known, you are part of the plan, your are part of the team, never f-cking with trust

[hook] x4
go dog
you my home dog
you my [?]
(i got your back girl, i got you back girl)

[verse 2]
sh-t on the floor, scratching the walls
tell at your moms, they got it wrong
we got a plan, we got it, man
sell you a [?] yeah we keep that sh-t moving
keeping the cut, these n-gg-s is nut'
there's nothing that's worse than when a winner start losing

these f-ckers so [??]
ain't got no job -ss
what a [??] for you
yo, wanna get on my f-cking guests list?
you wanna get on my guests list?
how 'bout you pay for a f-cking ticket, you f-cking bootch
yo, they be coming at me like:
“oh yeah, like, you know, you underground, you underground”
yo, f-ck the underground!
you betta do for yourself ma'
you betta do for yourself bru'
and stop bootching on me
i'm just one little f-cking person out here, tryna make it
yo? and what's wit the girls, who tried to steal sh-t, man?
who tryna f-cking come up on some hot sh-t
yo, i'm just speaking the truth, i'm just speaking the truth!
i'm not bitter, i'm getting money
i'm getting money, b-tch!

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