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Morgan Wallen - Still Goes Down MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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the way i talk, i guess i got it from my pops
probably took some dealin' down in the town where the doors don't lock
there's a million other people like me from a scene a little more podunk than pop
i didn't choose being born in the sticks and i'll be d~mned if i sound like something i ain't
cause some folks the backroad gets old but for me it just can't
cause i'm from a smalltown, southern drawl crowd
sippin' clear, drinking beer on a friday night
every country girl got on a cutoff
shaking her hips take a trip but he tell me i'm a liar
it's a circle of big trucks around the fire
to kickin up some dust behind the tire
it's kinda cliche but hey just take it from me
it's still goin down out in the country

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