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the bad, the good, the in between
has left us with no sp-ce to breathe
we both know that this is not where we're supposed to be
but if only i could set you free
there's no point playing make believe
or chasing what we'll never see
i'd reach into my pocket and i'd hand over the key
but if only i could set you free
if only i could set
i'm setting you free

the thought of the end is frightening
but it's all i've been imagining
ooh, i know that you're hurting 'cause i've had you in chains
even the way you look at me has changed
so this is my apology
let's end this love with honesty
there's no need for fighting
no “it's you”, no “it's me”
i know it's time that i set you free
i know it's time that i set you free
i know it's time that i set
i'm setting you free

but let me hold onto the memories (free)
so a part of you remains with me
and i don't know i ain't right
so i won't keep you tied
spread your wings and take flight

i'm setting you free
free, yeah, i'm setting you free
setting you free
i can't keep holding you back
so i know that it's time
i know its time that i set
i'm setting you free

oh, free, free, free

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