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Megan Thee Stallion - Thee Race MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

ain't met a b~tch that s~x like me
lookin' like at how i rock these c's
fresher than a b~tch, boy you can't tell me
sh~t, my outfit nasty
jewelry on me, nasty
take a pic, flash
i got all these haters mad

he wanna f~ck with a hottie, huh
he wanna touch on my body, hey
he say he like how i rap, huh
cuz i be makin it naughty, yeah
p~ssy get wet like it gnarly, huh
he want a body, be sharkin, aye
slow it down all the way
you know you want you houston bae, yeah

liking my pictures, i'm s~xy as sh~t
wondering if i can do that on a d~ck
he on that nae nae, he like how i whip
put on that rubbing and get in his grip
lay on yo back, let it drip on yo lip
pov baby, i'm shooting the benz
he wanna know me while it goin' in
gettin' some head to some ol' lil' kim

i want that neck like i'm hovy as fine
i got that sza, he yours and he mine
i got that mouth that look like a vine
that mean he l!ck on this cat all the time
i got to come back, i got to rewind
i might just have to back and show em, remind

b~tches know i am the one, not the two
if you offended, i'm talking to you
no panties on, like i'm winnie the pooh
catch me outside on the route with your boo
dropping the top, and i'm throwin' the deuce
megan is hot, and these b~tches is poo
b~tches is duckin me like i'm a goose
pull out that betty then boop boop boop boop

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