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Megan Thee Stallion - Fire In The Booth Pt 1 MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

ay, ay
okay, runnin' up them bands, tryna ball till i fall
runnin' from his b-tch, he gon' come when i call
if it ain't 'bout money, then you know i ain't involved
worried 'bout these motherf-ckin' haters? not at all
nine times outta ten, i'm the realest b-tch you know
if you ain't wanna pimp, then whatchu f-ckin' with me for?
if you ballin and you know it, then let the money show
if he actin' scared to spend it, i'ma show him to the door
ok now shake wid it, shake the shake wid it
and if the beat live, you know lil ju made it
and when i pop it, he get stiffer than some fake t-tties
and don't be worried 'bout who i'm f-ckin', cos you can't hit it
ay, runnin' up them bands, tryna ball till i fall
if i'm wit yo' daddy then you know we at the mall
if i'm wit a n-gg- then you know i'm in them jaws
how you let a broke n-gg- talk you out the drawers?
i don't even chase liquor, why would i chase a n-gg-?
he say i should be nicer, well your d-ck should be bigger
he said it better be good, by the way that you're braggin'
i hit him back and told him, well that just depend who you askin'
i got a ex that say he gon' leave his new b-tch whenever i call him
got a ex that say that every time he see me there's gon' be problems
got a ex that's on his homeboy ig, tryna stalk me now
got a ex that miss me so bad, probably praying for me now
ay, runnin' up them bands, tryna ball till i fall
in the gucci store, finna tear that b-tch down
money on my phone yeah like collect-calls
p-ssy like a drug and he havin' withdrawals
money, money, i need mo'
get it, get it, watch me go
i be outdoing these b-tches
i'm like michael, they t-to
not the one to compete with
you don't want it with me b-tch
​göt2b glued can't save you
when i come for your hairdo
got the moves like i'm ryu
yellow diamonds, pikachu
when i switch my hair to blonde, finna turn up like goku
i go crazy in this b-tch, i go crazy in the booth
he go crazy when he see me, and his girl go crazy too
and this p-ssy so wet, might have to eat it with a spoon
i was in bikini bottoms cos i got that goo lagoon
i don't wanna f-ck him if he tellin' me what he do not
i will come over and spin it on your head like bantu knots
ay, runnin' up them bands, tryna ball till i fall
b-tch i'm off the henn', so you know i'm off the wall
b-tch i'm not the one so watch your motherf-ckin' mouth
hot girl meg from the motherf-ckin' south

[beat change]

b-tch i look good than a muhf-cker
i be with n-gg-s that's hood than a muhf-cker
we will come ride in this b-tch and tear it up
i'm from a city where n-gg-s ain't sharin' nun
i had to figure sh-t out on my own
mama out workin, my daddy ain't home
don't listen to sh-t because b-tch i been grown
i got a temper so hoe watch your tone
he tryna dog me but i got the bone
don't got the money? don't pick up the phone
he can talk down, he can say what he want
he was just mad he ain't get what he want
hoes love to try cos they think that i won't
b-tch i will run through your sh-t like a cone
b-tch i'm mad, ain't get what i want
i'm lookin' for somebody take it out on
you wanna talk or you wanna get to it?
cos when it come down to who 'bout it, i'm fluent
b-tch you was hatin' on me and i knew it
a hoe wanna give me some beef, i chew it
giving these rappers the business, i'm suited
these b-tches look better than me when they muted
tellin these n-gg-s that you got that water
but you ain't gon' tell 'em your sh-t is polluted, urgh

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