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Magic - Chastity MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

ha ha ha ha
wsup baby?


ay look, we need to talk bout a couple thangs, know'wha'imsayin'?

like what?

alota time done p-ssed, an we need to finalize a few thangs,
feel wha' i'm sayin'?


i don't think theres anotha woman for me

there isnt anotha man for me

an these past few years, uve made me soo happy, know'wha'imsayin'?


so i think it's my turn 2 give u somthin' in return,
how bout fo'eva? eternity? me an u baby

i like dat

ha ha ha ha

i do

(lil d)(chorus)
chast-ty (yeah)
you really turn me on (really turn me on)
you really drive me crazy (really drive me crazy)
just hold you in my arms (every time i hold you in my arms)
ooohh chast-ty (ha ha)
you really turn me on (i say you really turn me on)
you really drive me crazy (i say you really drive me crazy)
togetha' we can be soo strong

when times was hard an rough
you neva left you always had my back
you held my cash when i was on the corner slangin' crack
you grabbed the pistol when them coppaz pulled me ova
i be full of marijuana but you convinced em i was sober
as in can recall you was there through it all
you accepetd every collect call
from 2-lane an braud
neva asked me for a dime
girl i neva forget
an at times it's hard to pleese you
but you worked til sweat
sometimes i wonder if i'm doin enough
to let ya know
ill make this world yours
if you promise not to go (this world is yourz baby)
yo love is all that i need to suceed in life
so would you think about bein my wife
ha ha ha ha


often reminicin' certain situations
our vaction
we got h-rny so we did it in my exposition (you so nasty)
i gave the invitation
an girl you must love me 'cause i swear there was no hesitation
you always find time to pleese me
so i left da pictures alone
'cause yo lovin' is off da heezey
i neva thought that i could settle down
livin' in this crime land
'cause it's hard being a thug and an honest man
so now i'm beggin fo' forgivness
all the sins i committed
all the lies an the bullsh-t
its me an you against this f-ckin so-called “life”
so would you think about bein my wife”
ha ha ha ha


you wasnt raised as a thug but you thugged fo' me
thats how i know u got love fo' me
always ready to die fo' this n-gg-
you were my closest friend
everytime i cried you held my until the very end
thats why i hustle fo' that greed 'cause if it makes you smile
then ima die tryin make it mine
got soo much love fo' ya how can i explain
all these feelings i feel
any n-gg- that touch ya ima rush him
i promise to kill
me an you we inseprable
an every time we make love baby girl
its unforgetable
f-ck it what's mine is yours
'cause you the lite of my life
so would u think about bein my wife?
ha ha ha ha


(over lapping chorus)
i ain't gonna lie girl
you got me goin crazy, know'wha'imsayin?
im bout to lose my m-th-f-ckin mind
ha ha ha ha
ill bet ya what
i bet ya cant count the karrots on that ring
i bet cant count all the love i got fo' ya girl
we gonna keep goin all the way ya undastand wha'imsayin?

ha ha ha ha
ha ha ha ha ha

baby lemme tell you somthin'


me an you we goin all the way you undastand wha'imsayin?


do you really?


i ain't gonna lie girl, i don't wanna be wit n-body else but you
know'wha'imsayin? you make me happy

you make me happy too

you make me smile when i'm down
m-ssage my back when i'm hurtin


gimme love when i'm in need of love know'wha'imsayin?


you the freak that i need girl

(mercedes laughin)

you give me everythang i need

i know

me an you foreva

foreva an eva

can u picture that?


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