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Lizzo - My Skin MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

learning to love yourself and like learning to love your body is like a whole journey that i feel like every person, but more specifically, women, have to go through so i feel like doing this is a good way to kinda break through and kinda seal the last chapter of the “learning to love” and just loving..

[verse 1]
ooh, what's deeper than, what's deeper than the darkest best
kept secret? beneath the surface, we could
let it bring us together, or it could tear us apart, oh
i'm filled with it, i gotta love with no conditions
though it's hard to re-envision time and time again
even when, even when it didn't matter anymore
the most beautiful thing that you ever seen
is even bigger than what we think it means
reflections in my bloodstreams, it's even bigger than

i woke up in this, i woke up in this
in my skin
i can't wash it away, so you can't take it from me
my brown skin

[verse 2]
real world, big girl meets world
a crazy position, now your dreams is your mission, huh?
staring in the mirror, realizing, wish it worked
now all i wish is for a chance to give my kids a ford
i got a family tree that's worth praising the lord
mama looking like the second, whoo! look at god
sister like a soldier, hold it down
southwest gon' hold it down, uh
i love you, don't forget it, you beautiful black masterpiece!
boy, they don't make brothers like you
uh, make it happen with that black girl magic
the hat trick off of what we must do


[verse 3]
pardon me, just left a message to the city
words stuck between my teeth, so gritty
pay him for each minute i'm seething
a black girl mixed with a little bit of sacagawea
i pocket subpoenas, i swallow my pride and my ego
i wear my flaws on my sleeve and my skin like a peacoat
i see someone like me ashamed to be
and honestly, i'm really really
i'm fed up wit' it, try to send it up like a fedex
i'm wondering what they sayin' next
can't pretend to not hear it
it's your beauty, they can't have it
it's yours, they can't have it

i'm done with the struggle. i wanna-i just wanna enjoy my life now and maybe appreciate my skin..

[extended hook]
i woke up in this, i woke up in this
in my skin
i can't wash it away, so you can't take it from me
my brown skin
oh, i can't wash it away
no, you can't take it from me
my skin, your skin, yeah!
oh, i can't wash it away
no, you can't take it from me
ooh, my skin, ooh, my skin, yeah!

this is something i was born wit', you know? you can't buy this at a store, so hey..

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