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Little Simz - Yesterdays Painting MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

welcome to blank canvas
all my trouble seem so far away
you're about to enter something really really special
now it seems as though you're here to stay
this is my world
oh i…
let me start like this
…believe in yesterday

verse 1:
lemme introduce you to my world
take a look at this view
take a look at these faces, not judging cause they ensues
the concept of being true
don't affect the people that are constantly lying to you
what is the world coming to ?
it's amazing how the globe will keep turning
don't overload, just keeping learning
dream bigger than big, i promise, it's coming
true. see this flame will keep burning
but this fire, i earned it and i can tell you, it's worth it
but the money ain't the pursuit
it's blatant that we so complacent
not chasing what elite of greatness' statements
really act tenacious
feed into population, be patient, we be creating
this ain't bout rushing, ain't no discussion
let your work do the talking, keep it basic
this ain't no…
half hearted, speech i'm delivering, i'm bringing
what it is, all you folks are envisioning
i trust in my soul and it won't let me down
yeah! you bow to the king, but i'm here, where's my crown?

this is me embarking on a new journey
all my trouble seem so far away
whatever happened yesterday is in the past
now it looks as though that they're here to stay
hahah, this is new start, fresh start
oh, i believe in yesterday

verse 2:
growing in to a strong minded individual now
i can say it, i'm a strong minded individual now
these stories i don't believe 'em, it's so so mythical. how
the information is doubled can make you live in a bubble
this world is just full of trouble
rich kids all be claiming like they ain't flew through a struggle
broke it to keeping it real no more, they just as confused
you ain't lived through my shoes
this ain't who's got more or less, i'm just speaking the truth
and i'm taking it through the roof
they better ring all the bells when i'm steady pedalling through
i'm champion in my sound, sh-t is sounding improved
i've always been doing my thing boy, ain't nuttin' new
huh, ain't nuttin' new
apart from these other sh-ts, i'm just messing
sh-t will get messy if you ever get to testing
been a rebel ever since i hit adolescence
still i keep it cool cause they admire my presence

all my trouble seem so far away
now it looks as though they here to stay
oh i believe in yesterday
so i believe
i am not half a person i used to be
there's a shadow hanging on me
oh yesterday

ohh thats yesterday
yeah, it came so suddenly
what else?
yesterday, yesterday
yesterday, yesterday
yesterday, yesterday

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